look inside - unxpected . BJAI BJBJ

     with lauriane aveline, creative director, and ambre lacour, gameplay programmer, we created this original point and click whose first chapter is out. 

look inside is a narrative game B.Ed based on the interactions that the player performs in a book summarizing in pictures and texts the life of a french family at different times and periods in the life of its members.
       its concept and interactions result from our teamwork. i was in charge of the whole visual aspect: sketches, art direction, illustrations, Bd animations (knowing the following chapters have already been started).

murmures aux archives - archives nationales of paris . BJBJ BJBA

photographs caroline guiraud

from AH septembre BJBJ to G février BJBA

at archives nationales - EI rue guynemer ICCHJ pierrefitte-sur-seine

metro saint denis université

      at the archives nationales, four artists: sarah ayadi, olivier crépin, pilau and audrey hess, create a comic in situ : stories whose writing as well as reading are closely determined by the topography, physical characteristics and nature of the place. stories unfold on walls, floors, ceilings, even in furniture or through space, while undoubtedly remaining comic book stories: based on the sequentiality of images. each excerpt is conceive as a real narrative gain for the story it carries.

     thus, new elements of grammar are added to the palette of the comic writing: the spacing between boxes, their heights, their sizes, their locations, which call for postures, temps and modalities of reading involve the reader's body as mush as his eyes alone.

     by taking the comic out of the book, using the walls, glass, furniture as a support, we set ourselves a challenge: write and lead a story mobilizing comic book reading skills outside the environment in which they are usually deployed, a story that can be read not only with the eyes but with the whole body. therefore it is a question of inventing a new experience of reading comics.

teaser dwarf - unexpected . BJAG BJAI

    in adition to my work as the lead Bd concept artist on dwarf video game -from concept art to ui- i illustrated and animated teasers. the first one was done for paris games week BJAG, and the second one for the game release in early BJAI.
      i went from the script written by our creative director and manage the pre-production, the production and the compositing by myself. then voice and sound were added. For the second teaser, produced in a short period of time, i was assited by louis mesnard, in trainning, on pre-production and compositing!

dwarf - unexpected . dec BJAF to janv BJAI

      following my freelance work on unpredictable, i join the new unexpected studio in montpellier at the end of BJAF.

      most of my work consist of working on the arenas concept art  and the ui (launcher, menus, in game ui...). i have to give life to the project manager ideas and make them readable and interesting for the Cd team.
     also, i am in charge of others various graphic assets we can need for communication purpose (banner, emailing, web site).

BJ minutes . from BJAC to now

    in BJAC, soonsoonsoon collaborates with BJ minutes for the "now future" category where i illustrate a couple of articles.
     i have since illustrates "BJ minutes for havas", which retraces the uniqueness of their media experience.
     their visions lectures retrace future trends, innovations and perspectives. in BJAF, CJJ marketing, advertising and communication professionals came to fill up with ideas. for the second year in a row, i had the pleasure of illustrating notebooks and tote-bags, as well as accompanying speeches with these same collages projected on the stage.
a special thank you to anne, katja and nathalie for their sympathy and their trust!

eesi . BJAD

      a participant in the simulation of a long space travel suffers every day from the experiences he undergoes. disappointed not to be able to take part in the real journey, he realizes that this adventure will be the only way to approach the stars so closely, without never reaching to them.
      designed and produced this interactive story of approximately BE minutes in a few months, in parallel with other projects. it was the first time that i used a software suitable for creating content such as video games, construct B, and quickly understood its mechanics.

     thank you to hervé jolly for his attentive eye and his essential knowledge!

relativité . BJAD

     "relativity is a story conceived in a spiral and offering an infinite story. this true experience of time, served by the elegant graphics of audrey hess, is to be constructed by the reader."

personal illustrations

eesi . BJAD

AJA pages, in design and construction

   in astronomy, the event horizon represents the non-tangible surface of a black hole, beyond which matter and light cannot escape. this title also evokes the overview of fictional events which will allow us to touch on the major concepts emerging from the history of astronomy, which have fascinated so many artists and men.
    this writing and layout work invites you to move through time and space (any idea being expressed in a specific context), to discover new horizons, on the condition of taking the risk of getting lost and of having the humility not to want to confirm or deny the beliefs or paradigms that have followed one another.

    the stories are grouped into C chapters: life and consciousness, overview effect and limits. they follow the evolution of my point of view during the acquisition of my own knowledge.

human in space art . BJAE


   since the end of my schooling i am deeply interested in space and art: when i learned of the existence of this human in space art challenge, i made sure to produce an entry on time.
   my desire was to invite the spectators to notice some of the incredible achievements initiated by space, science and technology, without ignoring the difficulties (mental, material, ecological) which these fields can meet, because they are quite often key to progress.
   i created realistic or schematic illustrations, to touch both the mind and the heart, with dynamic animation to attract attention.

frac linazay . BJAD

     there is data that remains. astronomy is a magnificent field. past or present projects, through human innovations to gain access to this knowledge, i have brought together extraordinary facts and data that this science has brought to light.
   the exercise was exciting because i had B and a half days to do it, between the delivery of the material and the trip to the exhibition site. i therefore did not have time to find and install a projector, and had to find an efficient way to make my sketch in real size: after having defined the shape of the plates, i squared each one in even numbers and transferred the image on my phone. i then tape long threads across the panels to avoid having to erase these marks. i worked horizontally so as not to be constrained by a ladder and to apprehend the entire surface quickly.