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KallaX - Unexpected studio . 2023

     Under Liam Devin's direction, I join the team in the early dev days. I rework the logo, create some concepts, some 2D animations et all the UI. I create the illustrations to communicate (Steam page, social network and a mousepad for instance).

       Kallax is a coop game from 2 to 6 players, whete you should build and deliver fournitures in a finite time. One of the player is in chare to share the instructions as clearly as he can in a more and more chaotic setting!

Genesis Noir - Feral Cat Den .  2020

   Evan Anthony, art director of Genesis Noir, came to me to collaborate on the creation of illustrations that appear when a non-level is discovered. His desire was to make these "dead ends" rewarding.
    Integrated by Jeremy Abel, programmer, they are presented with parallax.
   Evan provided me with a lot of artistic references to ensure a vision similar to his. It was from the titles of some of the non-levels that I had to be a force of proposal. My concepts were both direct references (Camille Flammarion) and poetic figurations. He would then tell me which track(s) to pursue before going back and forth until I had the elements needed for them to integrate into a 3D scene.
   You can see some examples of the process and a selection of screenshots of the game, where my work is visible.
    Many thanks to Evan for his trust. With all my admiration for their work (whose development I was following from 2018). Go and play this wonderful fable about the Universe; which is simply the game I dreamed of.