Genesis Noir - Feral Cat Den .  2020

   Evan Anthony, art director of Genesis Noir, came to me to collaborate on the creation of illustrations that appear when a non-level is discovered. His desire was to make these "dead ends" rewarding.
    Integrated by Jeremy Abel, programmer, they are presented with parallax.
   Evan provided me with a lot of artistic references to ensure a vision similar to his. It was from the titles of some of the non-levels that I had to be a force of proposal. My concepts were both direct references (Camille Flammarion) and poetic figurations. He would then tell me which track(s) to pursue before going back and forth until I had the elements needed for them to integrate into a 3D scene.
   You can see some examples of the process and a selection of screenshots of the game, where my work is visible.
    Many thanks to Evan for his trust. With all my admiration for their work (whose development I was following from 2018). Go and play this wonderful fable about the Universe; which is simply the game I dreamed of.

looK INside - unxpected . 2019 2020

  With Lauriane Aveline, creative director, and Ambre Lacour, gameplay programmer, we created this original point and click whose first chapter is out. 

looK INside is a narrative game 2.5D based on the interactions that the player performs in a book summarizing in pictures and texts the life of a french family at different times and periods in the life of its members.
       Its concept and interactions result from our teamwork. I was in charge of the whole visual aspect: sketches, art direction, illustrations, 2D animations (knowing the following chapters have already been started).

Murmures aux archives - Archives Nationales of paris . 2020 2021

photographs Caroline Guiraud

at archives nationales - 59 rue guynemer 93380 pierrefitte-sur-seine

metro Saint Denis Université

      At the Archives Nationales, four artists: Sarah Ayadi, Olivier Crépin, Pilau and Audrey Hess, create a comic in situ : stories whose writing as well as reading are closely determined by the topography, physical characteristics and nature of the place. Stories unfold on walls, floors, ceilings, even in furniture or through space, while undoubtedly remaining comic book stories: based on the sequentiality of images. each excerpt is conceive as a real narrative gain for the story it carries.

     Thus, new elements of grammar are added to the palette of the comic writing: the spacing between boxes, their heights, their sizes, their locations, which call for postures, rythm and modalities of reading involve the reader's body as much as his eyes alone.

     By taking the comic out of the book, using the walls, glass, furniture as a support, we set ourselves a challenge: write and lead a story mobilizing comic book reading skills outside the environment in which they are usually deployed, a story that can be read not only with the eyes but with the whole body. Therefore it is a question of inventing a new experience of reading comics.