shop open !

inspired by the coolest doggo i know -hi lauriane!-, i created this shop to bring  a little sweetness to this world !

discover cute stationery, stickers, handmade pins, and hopefully new items soon !

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glassine paper compostable

aE cardboard envelope  recyclable 

square envelope compostable


the delivery fee is added at the end of your order.

for adults


if you are like me: used to the following words: penpal, light aesthetic, bullet journal, cute or kawai, you might be at the right place!

you can print and pimp the planner, the calendar or the bookmarks from home if you want to instantly enjoy this little world! if you are an amateur ofdiy, an idea for the calendar : punch the small monthly sheets and slide a simple string. hang it to a cute pin, and it's done!

cool and inspiring themes: dogs -potichien-, dinosaurs -tidino- and space!

...and children too !

removable stickers  are ideal to adapt to their creativity and to be reused through their diaries and notebooks! notepads will allow them to write little words to their friends, or to write down what they might forget!

i recommend stickers from 8 years old; the smallest stickers being the stars, one centimeter in diameter, contained in the dinosaurs sticker sheet.